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Halloween Recap

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed trick or treating with your little ones.  

We saw many so cute little outfits while we were out in the rain (yuck) going door to door for candy.  We live in a National Historic District Neighborhood and it is always so picturesque and wonderful meandering through our streets. 

Last year even before Halloween was over Emma was begging us to have Frozen costumes.  So for a year our fate has been sealed as to what we were going to be.  Nick and I have never dressed up before with the kids so this was a first for us. 

I will say that we had a lot of fun as a family.  This year already Calvin has already chosen what we will be for next year and while I am going to keep it a secret I will say I think that it will be a lot of fun and super cute!

And has anyone noticed that Halloween has become this huge two week long spectacular?  I am pretty sure that everyone could find something Halloweeny to do every day during the two weeks leading up to the big day.  Trunk or treats, Harvest Parties, Halloween Haunts, on and on are going on. 

Halloween at Super Busy at Home

We went to the Fernwood Halloween event and to a party our realtor's office had.  Both were a lot of fun and the kids had a really good time.  It really makes the cost factor a lot easier to justify to Nick for costumes when we will be in them more than just one time.  

 I just love their decorations at fernwood! 

Well anyway, I've got to get back to homeschooling but hope you all had a spooky weekend!  And don't forget today's the last day to sign up for my Usborne Sticker Book contest....I'm giving a book away and would love for you to sign up! 

Happy Monday friends! 

Giveaway: Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book

Here in homeschool land we are back to learning about the Ancient Times this year.  This week we are covering when Joseph took care of Egypt by preparing for the famine.  

And since we were talking Egypt and it's the week of Halloween I surprised the kids with sticker books.  They were so thrilled!  It's so fun seeing them get excited over books.  

Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book Giveaway on Super Busy at Home #superbusyathome #usborne

It's the Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book.  It is so much fun and packed with stickers and things to do so it provides of quiet play and learning for kids.  How amazing does that sound?

Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book Giveaway at Super Busy at Home #Superbusyathome #Usborne

As you know I am an Usborne Books  Consultant and so I just think these books are so amazing.  The biggest feature I love about Usborne is my patented saying that they are "sneakily educational".  And that is so true with these books too.  The Usborne website explains how this was written with an Egyptologist. so all of the facts that you are reading are accurate and not just bland facts that every book has.  That is the coolest thing!  

Usborne Egyptian Mummy Sticker Book Giveaway at Super Busy at Home #superbusyathome #usborne

So I started our morning out with a spooky halloween breakfast of warm apple cider, cocoa puffs, and a marshmallow peep (because it's Halloweeny time!). Then while they noshed and worked on their sticker books I read to them the chapter from our history book.  And seriously this would be one of my biggest learning tips, especially if you have boys: when you're reading to them let them do something with their hands  Anything. Stickers, playdough, legos, blocks.  Their brains absorb so much more when their hands or bodies are moving, it's incredible.  

Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book Giveaway at Super Busy at Home #superbusyathome #usborne
Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book Giveaway at Super Busy at Home #superbusyathome #usborne

Anyway, because I love this book I've deciced to give one of them away to one lucky reader!  The sheer fact that there are over 650 stickers in this puppy is just mind blowing!  There are lots of ways to enter into the drawing and the drawing will go all through the spooky Mummy filled weekend.  I know we're all super busy this weekend with our littles so this will give you plenty of time to get those entries in.  

Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book Giveaway at Super Busy at Home #superbusyathome #usborne

If you would like to purchase this book (or others) in the event of not winning be sure to check out my website here!  I'd love to see you get good books for your kiddos that they will love! Good luck and I hope all of you  mummies and deadies have a wonderful weekend trick-or-treating!