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The Top 5 Buys for a New Homeowner

My sister bought a house! We’re so excited for her! It is such a rewarding experience to purchase your very own home!!!

We’ve been homeowners for about 14 years now but every time I help someone move it’s amazing to me how much stuff you find out you need. Here are some things that I recommend if you are looking for something to get someone who has just moved.

A cool new key chain

On closing day the homeowner gets all kinds of new keys…surprise them with a new key ring to make their day!

A trash can

I don’t know why but whenever someone moves they need a new trash can. I don’t know why. It’s science.

Dish Soap

Instantly you’re going to want to wash your dishes when you unpack so get someone some new cleaning supplies, a new sponge and dish soap.

Toilet Paper

It’s not any fun to have people help you move and then realize you don’t have any toilet paper in your new house.

Vacuum Cleaner

Think how happy it will make a new homeowner to surprise them with a new vacuum cleaner! I know when we bought our first place we didn’t have an adequate vacuum for an entire house.

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