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My Cat's a Little Chewie...

A few weeks ago I went with Nick out of town for a business trip.  It was heavenly!  

We got home super late on a Thursday night due to stupid Chicago rush hour traffic.  

Friday morning he got up to go to work and quickly woke me with a nice, calming, panic in his voice and the deer-in-headlight look.  

Oh great, someone broke into the car, or the house.  Or something's on fire! 

It was rather an unpleasant way to be woken, ahem. 

Turns out it was this: 

A teeny tiny kitten.  

Now to explain.  We put our cat down last July.  And then two days later got two new kittens.  Ugh. 

And perhaps we have waited too long in following Bob Barker's instructions but we have an appointment at the end of this month that has been standing for a few months.  Anyway, we have a male cat and a female cat.  We're pretty sure this kitten miracle came about when the female cat (whose name is Otis...don't try to keep up) got out because our boy cat (whose name is Stripe) has been seeming like he gets these urges but just kind of stands in the general vicinity of Otis, the girl cat and dry humps the air.  It's kind of like watching a college boy.  They think they know what they're doing to be cool but they don't have a clue.  

Um, you're doing that wrong. 

Anyway, so we have this cute little kitten now.  Otis, the ill named girl cat is Calvin's.  Stripe the boy cat who now doesn't have any stripes is Emma's.  So this new cat is mine.  

Mine, all mine.  Muahahaha.  

Well, it's not that severe.  

So anyway, these weird kids of mine.  One wanted to name it Tiger.   Then the other wanted Tiny.  Then we settled on Tiny Tiger.  Then, like we are shooting some type of rap video we started calling the thing TT.  

Yo, TT, I gottcha chains, bro

So Mom and Dad stepped in for the official renaming of the cat.  

We had a girl cat named Roscoe we named when we first had were married.  Clearly this inability to name a cat a proper name is genetic in our family.  

Dry humping is not. 

Just in case you were curious. 


So this little guy made his debut on my Facebook page.  Isn't he the most adorable little thing that you have ever seen?  Yes he is.  Who's a good boy?  Yes?  Who's a good boy.  

 As you can see, he clearly is a Chewbacca.  

For now...

I'm kind of digging the name Winston right now... 

Oh dear.  

Anyone else have any dumb pet names they would like to own up to?  Eh?  Eh?

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