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No Job

This weekend we received word that Nick didn't get the job he interviewed for. I've got to tell you, I was not a happy camper. Up to this point I've been pretty Polly Sunshine about all of this...God will provide, He has a plan, etc, etc. But when we got this news I, sad to say, turned on God. I think its the first time its ever happened but I was angry with God...really angry. Angry like if he was in front of me I would have kicked Him in the shin. All I could do was melt down and cry...I want my life back, I don't want to have to move, I don't want any of this. But being God, when I asked for forgiveness for the whole shin kicking thing, He forgave me. He understands my hurt and frustration. He knows I am only human.
I think one of the hardest things for me in this is that I am frustrated with not knowing what is going on. I hate that. HATE that.
My devotions this morning were about sometimes things happen so you can comfort others and have compassion for what they are going through. I think I will definitely be able to do that.
So that's me. I've had a whole gamut of emotions this weekend but thankfully am back to resting in God's faithfulness. Whew, its good to be home!