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First Interview!


Guess what? Nick has a job interview Thursday! Praise God! Right now we are just praying to know God's direction in our lives. We want to make sure if Nick gets this position that it is what God wants for our family. The job would require a move and if we move I will most likely have to stay home. Any income I earned would be cancelled out by having to pay for daycare so it just wouldn't be advantageous for us to move. I would love to stay home but at the same time we are having a hard time finding a position for him that he can just walk into that will cover both of our income's now. When I start to think of all of the details I get panicked. I wonder how we will make ends meet and if we can sell our house and moving expenses, and how hard it will be to be away from family, and on, and on. But I know that I serve a God who is bigger than the details. He will see us through whatever he has in store for our family. Our yoke is light and easy to carry...when its not he's there to help us.

Anyway, please be praying for Nick on Thursday with his interview. May he be on his game and may God show us what He wants us to do. Thanks! Have a great day! :)