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Our trip to the zoo

Well we just got back from the zoo today and we survived! Nothing serious with the animals happened but this was my first trip out of the house with the kids alone. I know I am a big fat bad mother! But we just got a double stroller and until then I was terrified to take them anywhere alone. Images kept running through my head of Calvin in the stroller and Emma running out into traffic or Emma in the stroller and Calvin making my arm feel like its going to fall off because he's so heavy. So it was nice. We actually purchased a membership so we will be at the zoo A TON! this year. If you have the means to purchase a membership I would say DO IT! Our membership to our local zoo was about 65.00 and for one trip with the kids and Nick and I it would be 21.oo. With only 3 trips to the zoo we will make back our membership fee. Plus we get to go to all kinds of members only events and we get free membership or discounted admission to a bunch of other zoos across the nation. Plus since Nick used to work in municipal government I can tell you that zoo's are really hurting. They are a treasured asset to community's but they are going to be cut soon if we don't support them in this awful economy. Okay that's my commercial for the day. Seriously though the kids had fun,I had fun, the animals looked a little like maybe they were having was had by all!