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Repurpose Summer Items

Whether you bought them and didn't use them hardly ever or if you are like me and are eyeing the summer clearance, I encourage you to think of other purposes for the summer items. Here are just a few off the top of my head:

Do you have extra sunscreen? Mix it with your fav moisturizer for light protection through the year. It is only good for one year so using it next year is not a good idea.

Beach toys are amazing in the bath tub. We don't use ours all of the time in the tub but it is definitely a good time when I bring the beach toys down to play with. I think it helps break up the mundane bath times.

Specifically talking about beach buckets, they are great for storing things. Craft items such as beads, buttons, stickers and so forth are easy to throw in a bucket. They are also really handy and a good size for stocking stuffers. Have one bucket per family member and throw the stuffers in there. They are about the same size so you know when the bucket is full your stocking will be too. Last year I had so much for Emma's stocking I had to literally shove it in...oops.

Some things are just for their purpose...towels, sunglasses, floppy hats. But purchased together on the cheap, they would make a mean gift basket for the person in your life with that summer birthday. Or maybe you know someone who is taking a winter vaca. A new beach towel would be a dream come true...have you ever tried to find one in December?