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Schedule Recap

My new schedule is going splendidly. I have not gotten the laundry started every day at 4 am as originally hoped for but even not, I still have ample time to get it done, folded and put away throughout the rest of the day. I am an avid reader of simple mom’s blog and she says to just clean it up when it happens and you won’t have such a mess. I know this is so simple and yes I knew it before; I think I just needed someone to slap me upside the head and show that to me again. So I am trying to get that into my thick skull. I am a huge piler: I’ll make piles downstairs of what needs to go in what room upstairs. Then I will take everything up and just throw it in the room it belongs in…not a good idea. I have been trying to not make any new messes and also whittle down the messes that are still there from before. I think it is working fairly well. The weekend was coming last week though and I was anxious to see how I would do. The weekend is a big time for me to feel bad about not being with the kids 24/7 so I just put everything off to be with them. Then Sunday evening comes around and I am in tears that the house looks like a tornado hit it. But this weekend went well. I'm not going to say that we are better off but we definitely didn't have the massive piles of junk to pick up come Sunday evening. I think the new schedule is actually working!