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Um...there's something on your head

This picture was one of them from one set of our Engagement pictures. It is of us freezing in the snow so I thought it would be appropriate for today, as it is sooo cold outside! I was looking at this photograph thinking how young we looked even though it was just a couple of years ago...and then it hit me, wait a second, this was six years ago! How can that be? Six years ago we weren't even married...we were just two young kids who had just gotten engaged! So funny to think of it in that way! And now here we are, two kids later, living in our home (thank God for no more apartments!), and coming up on our fifth wedding anniversary! Just incredible to me! This isn't a spectacular picture of us, mainly because we look like two goobers standing in the snow, but that is also one of the reasons that it is one of my favorites of just epitomizes our relationship together. We have always been so fun together and so hilarious. I still am kind of kid-like and silly when I am around Nicholas; somehow he still makes me feel like a goofy teenage girl out on a date wearing his letter jacket. Nicholas has that dry sense of humor everyone knows him for and he makes me laugh so hard with all of his impressions of people. And so I think this picture does our relationship justice. It shows who we are, and who we were because seriously folks, we act like this all of the time!