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Enjoying January

I am thoroughly enjoying staying home with the kids! Calvin has gained a pound since he was born and is finally starting to fill in his clothes! I was about to go out and start buying preemie outfits, but long last things are starting to fit. He is also awake more and alert which is always fun. He is picking his head up quite a bit and almost rolled over the other night. How exciting! Emma has taken to saying "yes" instead of "yeah" and she says it so definitevely its adorable! Kelsey had her saying "suck it" last night which isn't good but I have to admit it was hilarious! Emma has also entered the world of make believe so we have stuffed cats trying to eat Roscoe's food and we are reading to baby dolls. This morning Emma woke up about 6:30 crying so we brought her into bed with us. Then Calvin needed fed so he ended up in there too. I just turned to Nick, smiling and told him "I've been waiting my whole life for this...two kids jumping into bed with us." I think he thought I was crazy but he agreed. Well that is it for now. Thought I would let you all know there has been no postpardum depression here, just a lot of sleepless nights that have been worth every second of it!