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Husband Obtains Abstinence

So in an effort to begin to cross things off my to-do list I finally began to order wedding pictures for my family. I know I am such a slacker but one of the attributes of being a slacker is that you just don't care. So I was happily copying away feeling good about the way I did have to download some 300 pics to winkflash for this. And lo and behold I found that we are missing pictures. Now these aren't like, oh four years ago I thought I took a picture of a bird. No these are pictures we took on our digital camera that are in our wedding album but cannot be found on our computer...a little weird and annoying to say the least. The other annoying factor of this situation is my husband. Granted I am hormonal but I came downstairs to see if he could help, practically in tears, and he took maybe 15 seconds to tell me they must just be gone, before going back to whacking people on his video me I will be remembering this the next time someone wants sex. And by the way we are still getting over a cold which means we are back to clearing our throats every 15.2 seconds. I am anticipating us getting over the cold for the next six months. Oh joy.
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