Super Busy at Home

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Chilling at Home

So we have some freaking huge plans for today. Let me get my planner open so I can tell you all about it. Oh wait, we aren't really doing anything today! Yeah! It is rainy here although not all too cold as it has been and I am so looking forward to a day bumming around the house in our jammies spending quality family time together. We are going to be carving Emma's pumpkin tomorrow and I also have to make Christmas presents (of which I am not telling you what I am making...ha!)
We are also going to be returning our new DVD player to Best Buy because I am apparently incapable of purchasing electronic equipment. It seems that whatever I buy somehow seems to have some type of problem. I think I could go out and buy a top of the line television and the thing would probably not work. All I needed a DVD player for was to watch Baby Einstein DVD's as our conked out on us and Emma would give me those sad puppy dog eyes every morning when she couldn't watch her "Babies" as she calls them. So we bought another one and now it jumps and skips and stops at its own free will. Stupid DVD player. This is why I want to live on the frontier and spend my days churning butter.
So we will be sitting at home today if anyone needs us which I am very excited about.
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