Our First Hike Back in Indiana!

Hello sweet friends!  

We are back in Indiana and today was the first day it's been sunny.  I woke up in just a horrid mood.  I couldn't shake it no matter what I did.  Don't you simply hate when that happens?  I decided to do what I could to try to get out of my funk but no amount of bubble baths, quiet times, or rests were helping me feel better.  After praying I realized that what I needed was to get out of the house.  


So that's just what we did.  We took our first hike of the year (here back home in Indiana) and it felt glorious!  It was pretty cold, not quite in the 40's yet but there was a gentle breeze with the sun.  It was invigorating!  


It is amazing how much serenity the outdoors offers, whether in the way of a desert as we were in last month or the woods where we found ourselves today.  The birds, the smells, the stillness, the peace, it all culminates in a quiet churning that finds a way into the depths of our souls.  

I would encourage you to get outdoors.  Force yourself.  As one who didn't used to consider herself "outdoorsy" I can attest that it does get easier and once over a certain precipice becomes addictive in an ethereal way.  

Today has gone much better since our time outdoors.  We all were able to come home and concentrate on our tasks at hand.  We buzzed through all of our schoolwork and chores for, what other reason, than to get back outside! 

To the outdoors, friends! 

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