Weekend Update

This is one of my favorite pictures ever!
Snoozing away-what he does every weekend!
So this weekend was fairly productive! Nick got all of the woodwork in our solarium primed and painted and it is done! All I had slated for him to do this weekend was the priming so I was impressed. Movies this weekend from the library were "An Affair to Remember" and "The Simpsons". I am assuming you know which movie was for which person. Saturday I managed to get all of the laundry done and put away...a first for me for a really long time. I have a notorious habit of doing the laundry and folding it and then letting it sit around getting wrinkled all week long. Or I have it all put away except for one load and then those clean clothes just sit around the house...not good. I also got our family calendar updated, meals planned, and I just got back from grocery shopping! I had on my to do list for today to dust and to rake outside, but I think I am doing pretty well with just keeping my sanity...after all today was the first day of my new job. I think it went well. I am just kind of lost being the new kid and not knowing what I will be doing. It is also definitely an adjustment to get up at 4:00 every morning that's for sure. But I know it is best for my family and that is what I am all about right? Just like the hokey pokey. Which Nick and I found ourselves doing around the house this weekend...and no that is not a code name for sex. We did the hokey pokey while Emma kind of laughed at us. Ah to be two parents in love. We are definitely having fun around here!