Hi Aunt Jan

So this is my Aunt Jan...she lives almost across the pond in England, but not quite so far. I know she reads this thing sometimes so I thought I would post a note on here saying that I love you, I miss you, and I am thinking and praying for you often. I have been so swamped with kids and mopping, and laundry, and getting puked on (I think that one goes under the kids category) that I haven't had time to call to check in. And I miss you woman! This lady and I are a lot alike...maybe she's my mom! Nick devised this plot that maybe my cousin Chris and I are secretly twins and my mom couldn't have any kids so my Aunt Jan gave her me. When I asked about why Chris and I look nothing alike, Nick kind of came to a stand still with the theory. But this woman, my Aunt Jan, is one of those people that brings fun with her (my uncle Bill would probably say she brings a lot of shopping bags with her! teehee!). She loves planning and shopping and talking...see, sad epic movie about giving your daughter away written all over this. Anyway, hello Aunt Jan! I love and miss you and am thinking of you!