Well hey, howdy, ho! Welcome to my page!  

My name is Lindsay and I'm so glad you're here...

Lindsay Ann of Super Busy at Home!

I am a Midwest girl, born and raised.  Lived here all my life.  We live in the Indiana area. However,  I have one grandmother from South Carolina and one from North Carolina, so I was brought up on Southern experiences and foods...and while we'd love to someday find ourselves living somewhere a little warmer, in this stage of our lives we are loving the Hoosier State and all the weather it brings!

I love the verse from Titus 2, instructing women to be busy at home. So that's what my blog is about. But I'm not busy... I am "Super Busy at home"! with housekeeping, budgeting, organizing, crafting, homeschooling, being a helpmate, and loving this life that God has blessed me with, I am certainly on my toes.  In my yoga pants but nevertheless, on my toes. :)

I am married to my college sweetheart, Nick.  We have been married almost 15 years (that's weird to even type!) and are vested in making sure we fall in love again and again.  Sometimes it's hard.  Sometimes it's really, really hard but we keep plugging away.  

My Happily Ever After on a Budget with Super Busy at Home

We have two of the most amazing children, Emma and Calvin.  Calvin has Autism which you'll sometimes here me rant and rave about.  Emma is 11 and Calvin is 9...they keep me busy as I figure out all of this Mommy business and how to teach them at home.

I am an all over the place type of gal.  Finances, homeschooling, decorating, Autism, saving money, crafting, photography, reading, cooking, baking...I like to try to figure it all out.  And you get to follow me while I'm attempting to figure all of this out :)

I've created this blog in the hopes that you will read my blogs with a smile and a nodding head thinking "exactly!  That's what I've been thinking." and hopefully you'll feel like you aren't alone.  In my steps of motherhood along this journey, I've had plenty of times that I've felt isolated and alone and I want to be the voice that tells you you aren't.  I'm here, I feel ya, I get it. 

Grab yourself a mug, take a coffee break and relax with me for a bit.  If nothing else, it'll be interesting as I chronicle this real-time life of mine!  I'll provide a laugh or two as I t-r-y, try. 

My Happily Ever After on a Budget with Super Busy at Home

**Disclosure Policy**

To help my family, I sometimes will  utilize affiliate memberships with some companies that I use to share products with you. I will always let you know before I post the affiliate links. When you click on an affiliate link, I may receive a compensation from the company. 

I love reviewing products and companies that our family loves.  Sometimes I might receive something for free in order to review the product, and sometimes I just review it because I think it’s something that everyone needs to know about. 

That’s the short and long of it—I hope you understand what you might get when you read and interact with my blog.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

My Happily Ever After on a Budget with Super Busy at Home